2020 Specialized Transportation Symposium

Permit Track: Demonstrations of Pilot Cars Best Practices

Thursday, February 20
4:15 pm - 5:00 pm

Speakers: Dale Karns, NAPVSA, Don Morgan, Pit Row Services, Jeff Vaughan, Evergreen Safety Council

Dale Karns Bio

Karns is vice president of Pit Row Services and manages one of the largest fleets of pilot vehicles in the county. He is co-founder of Pit Row Transportation Solutions where he develops software solutions for permitting operations in specialized transportation. Karns also serves as an advisor in legal consulting as it relates to nation-wide transport. He has a master’s degree from Jacksonville State University. He is co-chair and founder of the North American Pilot Vehicle Safety Alliance.


Don Morgan Bio

Morgan is vice president/safety director at Pit Row Service, where he trains individuals to safely conduct route surveys and operate pilot/escort vehicles. He has extensive experience in heavy haul operations and bridge structure and strike analyses. He served in the U.S. Air Force and received an Outstanding Service Award.


Jeff Vaughan Bio

Vaughan is the president of the Evergreen Safety Council, a non-profit organization founded in 1932 with the mission of improving the safety of roadways, workplaces and communities in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. He is a safety and health professional with 30 years’ experience in aerospace, electric utilities, and in vehicle warning light technology. Vaughan also has 16 years’ experience as a local elected leader where he travels regularly to Washington D.C. and the state capital to lobby for transportation and safety policies and funding.  

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